Should Cost from 3D CAD Models

We are equipped with 3D CAD tools to estimate physical properties and generate costing estimates of mechanical components from 3D CAD data. 

While developing a new product, one needs to be innovative. To deliver a quality product, the timing needs to be right. Perhaps most importantly, there is a need to be cost-conscious. No matter how great a product is, it cannot be successful without profitability.

We support the cost and value engineering approach at an early stage of the development process by providing cost transparency for products. This approach enables a quantifiable decision base for cost optimised products.

We use cost calculations covering various parameters like, Manufacturing Process, Material of Construction, Coatings, Paint or Printing, no. of pieces to be produced from a tool, labour, packing, logistics and vendor profit margins to estimate costs of components. We summarise these costs over the Bill of Materials and provide Value Analysis. 

Value Analysis shows the distribution of costs and helps our clients to take informed decisions while optimising the design of their products.